Settling down to complete Screencast.

During our screen cast we had a lot of problems that kept popping up because originally we were going to use the software Windows movie maker but because my laptop is windows 7 it was not compatible and only worked with XP/Vista. We quickly resolved the problem and went with a familiar software that as a group we were comfortable which was Adobe After Effects; As we began to get our video footage we had to think of games that actually do coincide with the Star Wars movies because originally we wanted to use Knight Of The Old Republic which is one of the best Star Wars games but had to rethink because it didnt really link with the Star Wars films because our proposal is as follows “To what extent do star wars computer games link in with the Star Wars franchise/world?” Therefore games such as Star Wars : Battlefront 2 and Star Wars: Force Unleashed are much better games to analyse and produce material that we have researched on due to their link with Star Wars Films.

Star Wars : Battlefront 2                         Star Wars : Force Unleashed


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