Analysis of Completing the Screencast.

Overall the screencast went ok but no further than that. We had completed the task which was asked but I felt as a group we could have done more and inputted a bit further instead of leaving things such as rendering the movie until the last minute. The content of the screencast was positive because we said some useful things and made good points about the two games (Star Wars Force Unleashed and Battlefront 2)  However the quality of the videos and some images were relatively poor which significantly dropped my opinion on our success. The clarity of our voices were not too quiet but on little parts of the screencast you can struggle to make out what were saying (mainly due to accents)

Other than the reasons I have stated our screencast was to a standard that I am fairly happy with due to the negative reasons over riding the positive reasons but nevertheless we worked with what we had and knew to the best of our abilities.


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