Planning and Preparation

Week One (22/02): Familiarize ourselves with Windows movie maker and plan a rough idea of what sort of content will go on our screencast.

Week Two (01/03): Discuss and write down content that will actually be put in our screencast. Look at gameplay videos on youtube to consider using.

Week Three (08/03): Rip videos off youtube and complete research that will support our content for our screencast.

Week Four (15/03): Put all our information we have gathered together and create a script for recording. Record straight after and put video together with audio to complete our screencast.

Week Five (22/03): Keep research ongoing and analysing videos we see and information sources we find.

Week Six (29/03): Finish analysing videos and information and keep work to discuss with team before writing the draft report.

Week Seven (05/04): Start writing draft report.

Week Eight (12/04): Finish Draft report and get feedback.

Week Nine (19/04): Start and finish final report going by what we have from the draft correcting any mistakes given when given feedback.

Week Ten (26/04): Finishing touches to our final report.

Final Week (03/05): Finish Final report completely and Hand-In.


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